”Helping Governmental and Commercial Energy Buying Aggregation Programs”

For a 2013 start date, we have the state record lowest price in any natural gas program at $4.31/Mcf for the City of Ravenna.  In 2010 our programs were $1.68/Mcf less on average than other community programs. We also have a state record of $5.83/Mcf for the McDonald senior rate.  In January 2010, several of our programs were at $3.72/Mcf!

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Buckeye Energy Brokers was incorporated in 2000 to help customer through the deregulation of electricity throughout the country.  Soon after, the natural gas industry deregulated as well and has continued to do so leaving customers with lots of questions on how to manage their energy needs.  We are prepared to answer those questions and chart a course to lower energy rates.

Our President, Thomas M. Bellish, has worked with more than 200 aggregation buying groups, most notably the Federal Government’s General Service Administration which included the Statue of Liberty.  He has over 20 years experience at a local utility, third party supplier and customer providing a 360 degree view of the energy business.  Thomas earned his Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering at Cleveland State University and Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering at Youngstown State University.


Our Philosophy on Getting the Best Price

We are Ohio's original energy broker and not your common consultant. We do not lock in high prices for our customers.  We understand the real market trends and predicted the recent drop in energy prices. 

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