”Helping Governmental and Commercial Energy Buying Aggregation Programs”

Service List

Your residents and small businesses can benefits by using the group buying power, professional expertise and quality management of the program.


Natural Gas and Electric Governmental  Aggregation

Your large business can benefit by using our professional expertise in energy buying, power purchase agreements and other energy consulting projects.

Commercial Energy Buying and Consulting

How Can We Work Together?

Buckeye Energy Brokers, Inc. invites local governmental officials and commercial customers to establish a successful relationship with us. We would like to send a free savings analysis for your community or business.  Contact us now for the latest saving opportunities.

Certification of Governmental Aggregators in Ohio

To ensure that all Competitive Retail Electric Service providers (Generation Companies, Power Marketers, Power Brokers, Aggregators and Government Aggregators) are qualified to perform the services they offer, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is requiring all to complete a certification process. For more information, see the instructions (posted on the PUCO web site) for Governmental Aggregators.  Required information if the applicant will use a contractor to meet any of the requirements listed above:

· The name of the entity that the applicant is relying on.

· A statement that the applicant has a valid contract with the entity.

· A detailed summary of the provisions of the contract, including all services to be provided.

· Documentation and evidence to demonstrate the contracting entity’s ability to meet the requirements as if the contracting entity was the applicant.

Why should you choose to purchase your electricity
or natural gas through Buckeye Energy Brokers?

· We are the original Ohio energy broker and implemented the first electric and natural gas “opt-out” aggregation program.

· We provide excellent service and competitive prices because of access to dozens of energy companies.   In Ohio, energy brokers must be certified by the Public Utilities Commission, so you know your dealing with someone reputable and reliable.

· We can assists you with questions about your energy purchase and are energy professionals who can periodically review the energy  markets.  We perform Bill Audits to ensure our customers do not over pay on any utility bill.

· We offer a choice of terms and conditions so you have the best possible combination of flexibility, service, price and one-stop shopping for a full range of products: electricity and natural gas for residential, commercial, governmental and industrial customers with more services to come.

· Local agents serving local customers

· Customer satisfaction is the key to an Energy Broker’s livelihood. Serving you is your Energy Broker’s most important concern.